From guest blogger Tracy –

Plateau is such a dirty word. But really, they are life-giving. Life-affirming. Life-saving. It is your body asking the questions, “Are you sure? Do you mean it? Is this REALLY a good idea? Are you committed to this plan?” Etc.

Evolution has taught our bodies all about the downfalls of starvation. And so, every once in awhile, your body “checks in” to make sure you aren’t starving to death, slows down your weight loss, and “rests”, even “catches its breath” if you will. Nature knows what survival of the fittest is all about.

So, now what? Here you are. Stuck. Which feels an awful lot like the split second before you start rolling back down the big hill you just climbed. Reframe that thought. You are regrouping, reformulating the plan, reenergizing for the next big climb. You are teaching, training and encouraging your mind and body to accept this new body reality.

We all know the suggestions for how to break a plateau. And they are ALL relevant and helpful. Exercise more: which can mean more time, more intensity, more variety. Evaluate what you are REALLY eating: Again, are you eating more, eating less, those choices are also affected by the healthiness of your food choices. I won’t list out that other plateau-possibilities, because most of us can recite them ad nauseum. Our own little excuse/blame mantra for why we are “stuck”.

I would like to propose the following. I am not on a plateau. My body is adjusting to the new me. The new number of calories I actually need to survive. The new number of calories I burn even when at rest. My metabolism is refiguring, well, everything. And I am going to take this time to restructure and reevaluate what it takes to move this new, improved, “lesser” me forward.

So, thank you body. Thank you for bringing me this far along my journey. Of course you may rest for a moment. I’ll be right here making good choices, and when you’ve caught your breath, we shall step out together again. I am sitting on a metaphorical bench, ready to resume this journey I have begun with my renewed body.

These words are typed with an infusion of love, power, and energy for my wonderful friend, Kathy.

Hugs, TLC


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