Victory at Sam’s

I have to share a small victory that I had this evening. As I think back thru what happened, it really seems silly, the details so simple, almost foolish.

I should know by now NEVER to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. But as is my habit, when I need to pick up stuff from Sam’s, I go after work on my way home. It is usually no big deal. But tonight I was hungry. And not the kind of hungry that sees all those samples of jalapeno poppers, buffalo chicken wings, or mini quiches and wants to snack. That’s head hungry. I was stomach-growling, planning-exactly-what-I-was-going-to-eat-when-I-got-home hungry. Samples were going to be just the beginning.

But were there any samples? No, of course not.

So, I get my groceries, get checked out, and am standing in line at the snack bar to get my kids their dinner requests. Nathan wanted a Nathan’s hotdog (He could care less about the brand name. I, however, think it’s neat) and Hannah wanted a ham and cheese sandwich. Simple enough, right?


While I stand there, and wait and wait and WAIT for them to fix the sandwich, one of the ladies brings out a fresh, beautiful, incredibly appetizing pepperoni pizza. (Did I mention that I was STARVING?!) Forget that it was pizza, but this thing was LOADED with piping hot, melting mozzarella cheese!

I stood there and considered food suicide. I really, REALLY wanted a bite (REALLY, who here believes that I would have stopped with one bite?). It looked so delicious, and I was so hungry! It was calling to me.

Then, some stupid little voice from deep within me reminded me that I had a very good piece of chicken and a baked sweet potato waiting for me at home. Nope. That’s not enough to distract me from the beauty that is this pizza staring longingly after me. It needs me as much as I need it. Seriously??

OK, strategy number two – tomorrow is weigh-in day. Do I want to get on that scale tomorrow with all that cheese hanging off my bum? That did it. No pizza for Kathy. But I had to remind myself over and over and OVER that short-term sacrifices (my turning my back on that lonely, oh-so-needy piece of pizza) will lead to long-term gain.

And today, that long-term gain has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that I want to be healthy. I want to look GOOD. And I’m gonna.


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