Admitting a Fear

So, yesterday, I talked about how hard it was starting out attending Weight Watchers meeting. After a few meetings, I started relaxing and finding success at my meetings. But there was one meeting when it got really, REALLY HARD!

I had gained weight that week. I knew the things that I had done incorrectly during the week. My leader, Judy, put me on the spot. She pushed me, forcing me to talk (out LOUD and to the group!!!) and admit what had happened and how I was feeling. Can you IMAGINE?

I had to admit that I was beating myself up for some bad decisions. I was letting those bad decisions determine my worth. And I wanted to call it QUITS!

While admitting my fear and my failure was scary, it turned out to be very empowering. I realized that it was one week of my life. The new week meant a chance to start over.

And sometimes, the new day means starting over. Shoot, a new hour, or even a new minute, can provide an opportunity to start over.

When I have made a bad decision, the trick is to put it behind me and not let it define me. It is a daily decision to continue moving forward.

I am NOT going to quit!


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