Focus 24/7 – Not me

I’ve got to find a way to integrate the activity of the weekday to relaxing during the weekend. And while I’m at it, a way to pay the same attention and dedication to what I eat during the day to what I put in mouth at night.

I work outside of my home during the day. What I eat is very structured. I am snacking very little; and when I do, my choices are deliberate, healthy, and follow my good health guidelines. During my lunch hour, some days I go to the gym and do 45 minutes of weight training or cardio – four days a week. The fifth day, I attend my WW meetings. Yay me, right?

When I get home, I feel like I implode. I throw together something (usually unplanned) for my family; or I pick up something on the way home. My meal is simple – a chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and a baked sweet potato. It’s a good meal – tasty and good for me. But what am I teaching my kids? And what am I sending?

After dinner, I want to sit on the couch and read or watch TV – not such healthy habits. I do want to give myself at least SOME credit. I do usually find the energy to go outside and play some sort of ball with Nathan. I’ve become quite satisfactory at throwing a football, shooting a basketball, and hitting a baseball.

But on weekends….

I could eat the table on which I serve my food. I want anything and everything in my path. I don’t always follow through with those urges, but it is a constant battle for 48 hours. Fortunately, WW gives you extra “blow it” points each week. If I use mine, it is on Saturday or Sunday.

Activity? I would be perfectly content to sleep and read. I don’t usually, but it seems like a battle to get myself up and get moving.

I’m supposed to be turning things around in my life, finding myself in a new, healthier lifestyle. It seems like the further I get down the path, the more things I identify that need improvement.

I’m glad that I don’t have to be perfect every day. I’m grateful that the goal of every day is to make it better than the one before. And I’m satisfied with the progress I’m making – taking it one day at a time.


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