I do not own a scale. It was a deliberate decision to protect myself from the emotional volatility that comes from random day-to-day fluctuations that have NOTHING to do with food, exercise, etc. I only weigh at the WW meetings, once a week. While the number on the scale is a good, objective method to measure success (especially over time), it can sometimes be misleading, even discouraging.

It is amazing how someone can lose weight for seven straight weeks, gain a little on the eighth week gain a little, and then be convinced they are a total failure. And I speak from experience, that “someone” is me. I can have success upon success upon success, then gain a half of a pound and beat myself up because I’m a failure.

Well, we all know that I am not a failure. But what can I focus on when the scale says otherwise? WW teaches us to identify non-scale victories (NSV). Seriously, there are LOTS of things that improved in my life, and I’ve just got to remind myself what they are. Just like I would count my blessings, I’m going to count my NSV’s. You, too, should try it when you feel like giving up.

Here are a few of mine:

  • I have stopped taking blood pressure medicine.
  • I can walk around a department store without requiring a shopping cart to lean on.
  • I can walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath.
  • I actually enjoy playing with my kids – football, basketball, Frisbee, swimming, you name it.
  • I went down a water slide – TWICE!
  • I don’t have ANYTHING to wear. May sound sad, but it’s because everything is TOO BIG!!!
  • I am starting to believe I can do almost ANYTHING.
  • I can jog on a treadmill and walk for long distances. Shoot, I even survived a spin class!
  • I get all sorts of compliments and encouragement from friends.
  • And today, my boss bragged on my progress to our company’s entire management team!

So, when you want to beat yourself up because the scales don’t tell the story like you would like, remind yourself of your NSV’s. I bet you’ll be surprised and realize just how proud you should be in yourself.


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