A “Modest” Change

There aren’t many people who could tell me that it’s time to buy a new bra. Really, there are two. You know who you are. And yes, you were right. So, how do I discuss this with tact? =)

When you lose a significant amount of weight – which I think I have – clothes don’t fit as well. For a while it’s no big deal, clothes get big. So what? Let’s face it, most clothes reach a point where too big it not good. It’s ugly and unattractive.

During this journey, I’m learning so much stuff. Today’s lesson is that even your underwear can get too big and distract from the emerging beauty. Who knew? Seriously, this was not an area that I would have considered.

But two lovely women suggested that it was time to make a change. (I am laughing my head off that I am EVEN WRITING THIS!!!! I’m the modest, shy one.) So, today, I went shopping for a bra. Please, you don’t want to know the details. Just know that I found what I needed and it has made a significant difference.

So at today’s close, I’m looking a little better and feeling more confident.


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