Learning to Walk

I re-read what I posted last night and wondered why I wasted the effort of sharing something that was so obvious and seemed so trivial. Sometimes head trash is hard to release.

Before, I would have beat myself up because I made some bad choices and gave in to some old habits. And I think that’s what so many of us do. We make a bad decision. We label ourselves as a failure or convince ourselves that we are worthless. Then we give up, turning back to the old behaviors that drag us down.

That kind of thinking is RIDICULOUS! Do you not agree? Think about it like this…

A nine-month-old baby girl has been crawling around the house like crazy. She finally pulls up on the table slowing getting the courage to take the first step or two. But, oh no, she falls.

What mother on the planet would think it normal for that child to give up learning to walk?!

My friends, it’s the same thing. As we learn new behaviors and develop new habits, we are going to fall. While we won’t end up with a skinned knee, a bruised ego can hurt just as badly.

So, just as we would encourage the baby to keep trying, why don’t we cut ourselves some slack and follow the same advice.


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