Priceless Moments

I realized this morning that I forgot to share the most important part of the story with my kids – the part that should more than convince you just how amazing they are.

If you recall, I was trying to come up with good reasons to get out of going to a water aerobics class. The kids wanted me to come up with three good reasons why I needed to stay home. Without them, I was expected to get up and go to class – very, VERY early on Saturday morning.

I was getting desperate as it seemed that no excuse was going to work with these two kids of mine. So, I got devious.

I offered $10. Nope.

$20? Nope

$50? Nope

I even went as high as $100. At this point, I would go to class before I paid either of them money. But I wanted to see just how firm they would hold to their convictions. THEY TURNED ME DOWN!

Then Nathan says, “Mama, I don’t care if you offered me a million dollars. I would still want you to go to class. You’re worth way more than any amount of money.” They want a healthy mama, and I’m going to give them one.

Seriously, life doesn’t get much better than that. Now, does it?


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