Time to pay the piper

This morning is a perfect example of never giving up, of continuing to do the things that you know you are supposed to do, even when you don’t feel like it.

I went ahead and went to my WW meeting, even though I was convinced that I had blown any chance of crossing that next threshold. However, after last night, I felt stronger and was ready to pay the piper. I had strayed, and the scales were going to show it.

I stepped on the scale, the number came up, I saw the number, my shoulders drooped, and then I sighed. I asked the attendant to tell me just how much I had gained. It was in her laughter that I learned something very valuable about myself.


Do you get it that I SAW the number and STILL sighed?

Not only had I lost the half a pound to take me to 75 pounds, I had lost enough to launch me to 78.8 pounds – 4.2 pounds to be exact!! Even as I write this, six hours later, I am still in shock. It’s a happy, joyful shock, but shock nonetheless.

So, either I wasn’t as bad as I thought this week OR the damage just hasn’t caught up with me and will be reflected on the scale next week. Either way, WHO CARES?! I have catapulted to 78.8 pounds! Let me tell you, that does a LOT for your confidence.

So, this week, I have got to keep focused on following the plan as it was intended. I have got to exercise like my very life depended on it – when truthfully it does. And if I gain anything next week, I will just tell myself that it’s all a journey – a journey that’s going to last the rest of my life.


Comments on: "Time to pay the piper" (2)

  1. Tears of joy…Way to go, Kathy. WAY TO GO!

  2. As I read this I could not help but draw the same conclusion about our Christian walk. Keep doing what you are suppose to, when you go off track get back on and KNOW that the plan works.WAY TO GOjoyce

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