Always Count the Points

Always, always, ALWAYS count the points. Be honest. And calculate. Don’t just assume you know; don’t make a guess – especially if you’re at home and you have all kinds of points calculators at your fingertips. Here’s an example of why.

Last week, when I was obsessed with the soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies, I assumed (because they were small) that they couldn’t be more than one point each. After all, I looked on the WW website and a chocolate chip cookie was only one point. I was doing exactly what I should have done, right? WRONG!

After a couple of days of this foolishness, I finally decided to give in to the inner voice that screamed – “You know better than that! The nutrition information is on the package. CALCULATE THE POINTS!”

I did. And man was I shocked, stunned, surprised, embarrassed – you pick the word. Those little, itty bitty cookies that were unbelievably yummy and a constant source of distraction for an ENTIRE WEEK? (I know; you want me to get the point. But can’t I enjoy the memory of those cookies just one more minute? They were AMAZING!)

OK, head’s clear. Those cookies were THREE POINTS EACH!

I don’t know what to say beyond that. I was blown away and humbled. But, I did go back and adjust my points for the week. I was not happy with myself. It was a valuable lesson.

And, it’s in the past. I’ve leaving that behind and moving forward.

(NOTE: For you active WW participants, I know that there is a system that allows you to estimate, using Set Points. But I’m not talking about when you are in those situations. I’m talking about choosing to be lazy and not calculating when you have all the information at your fingertips. It doesn’t work out.)


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