Waste or Waist?

Remember those incredibly yummy chocolate chip cookies? The ones that are three points EACH? Well, I brought them into the house because the kids wanted some cookies. These were small cookies; I thought they wouldn’t eat too many at one time. Well, I was sort of right in that regard. After the first day, they didn’t eat any of the cookies. The only person eating those small delectable pieces of distraction was me!

Good Grief! I brought the stuff into the house, so I had no one to blame but myself. Talk about a stupid decision. However…

Those cookies are no longer. I threw them away. I didn’t just throw them in the trash, because, let’s face it, in desperation I could pick one off the top of the heap (gross, but sometimes we do stupid things). I wanted absolutely no temptation. I wanted them AWAY for me and FAR OUTSIDE my reach. So, I dropped every single remaining cookie in the garbage disposal. No one was going to have them, especially me.

Maybe you would call my action wasteful. I might have felt the same way a couple of years. But what is truly wasteful – throwing the cookies in the trash or shoving the cookies in my mouth?

It’s NOT wasteful if you save it from going to your waist.


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