Tomorrow, PointsPlus

Well, it’s been a week since Weight Watchers announced their PointsPlus program, an updated way to count points, a method that is focused on current nutrition knowledge. We’ve been waiting a long time for the big announcement, even trying to trip up our leader into sharing some details. Not even one hint.

I’ve even been snooping around the internet for hints about the new program. While the details were a very well kept secret, we did find out a bit of information – the most exciting of which was that all fruits and vegetables (except starchy veggies like potatoes and corn) were going to be zero points.

Very exciting. Or so I thought.

While I haven’t yet been to my WW meeting to get the low down, my e-tools account has already been refigured.

EVERYTHING has to be recalculated – every single thing. I’ve been doing this for 18 months. Yes, I’ve gotten a little comfortable – ok, a LOT comfortable. Now, I’m going to have to start thinking again about what I eat.

I have been coasting along this week – halfway counting my points using the old method and the other time trying to convert to the new program. But tomorrow, I step up to the plate. Well, I actually step ON the scale.

After tomorrow, I have no excuses. I can’t claim that I don’t know. I will have to start over.

To be honest, I’m a little bit anxious. I’ve spent the last year paying close attention to calories, fat, and fiber. Tomorrow, that all goes out the window. My focus will shift to protein, fiber, carbs, and fat. It’s a very, very different mindset.

It’s supposed to work. I’m certain WW would not spend all the money they have if they weren’t certain of the science behind the method.

It’s time again to plan, evaluate, and make deliberate decisions.


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