A Stressful Start to Change

Please allow me a momentary rant. Then I will be on my way.

This morning was to be my introduction to WW’s new PointsPlus program. While I have been a bit anxious, I was trying to remain optimistic. Like I said, there are some things I had already heard about the program that were exciting.

But then I got to the meeting.

First, the place was MOBBED. One lady commented that it was like Black Friday all over again. It reminded me of church on Easter and Christmas. Everybody came to the meeting. People who hadn’t been coming for months came to the meeting.  Apparently it has been like that all week.

I get it. Everyone wants to hear the details on the new program. But good grief. If you haven’t been regularly coming to the meetings, you don’t need to be first in line.

Then, stuff was already sold out. Again, I get it. Everyone is excited and wants all of the new stuff. Poor Margaret (our leader) she was playing traffic cop and having to decide who got the “last one”. Fortunately, people were pretty patient. But seriously, If I wanted to battle the crowds over the last one of something, I would have gone out shopping last Friday at 4 in the MORNING!

OK, so I make it to the front of the line – after the meeting has already started. Another frustration for me. I WANT TO LEARN THE NEW PROGRAM!

I gained 1.8 pounds. Not a very good way to usher in the new era.

OK, all that is out of my system.

I AM going to eat a breakfast that is probably not the best (according to WW), but I will count ALL of the points, and I will be honest.

I am NOT going to quit. This is my life. My new way towards a healthier, stronger me.

I will set aside some time today to calmly review all of my new materials. I will learn. I will focus. The new attention this is going to require is going to give me a jump-start towards the new year and ultimately reaching my goal.

The goal for 2010 – to reach 100 pounds. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get there. But I am a lot closer than I was in January.


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