This morning, I am sick to my stomach. And I’m actually glad. If you recall, last night I had myself a little (LARGE) junk food feast. No reason, just because.

This morning, I am sick. My body is telling me it doesn’t like how I treated it, and that is WONDERFUL.

The old me could have eaten handfuls of cookies, candy, chips, you name it, and kept right on going. I might have felt sluggish, but not sick.

So for now, I am grateful that my body is stepping up and fighting for what is best for me – even when my head doesn’t want to make the right decisions.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to look for the small blessings. And this morning, it’s an upset stomach.


Comments on: "The Blessing of an Upset Stomach" (1)

  1. What a wonderful- if uncomfortable- blessing! Keep on going, you are awesome! Yay, Cathy! Love and fuzzies! 🙂

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