I Deserve It

There are more times than not that I sit down after an incredibly stressful day and think to myself, I deserve the big bowl of Mexican cheese dip. I deserve the brownie dripping with rich, creamy chocolate icing. Or what about the greasy slice of pizza dripping with that amazing melted mozzarella cheese – extra cheese at that?

It makes sense, doesn’t it? I have worked hard, been stressed, and certainly deserve to treat myself with an incredibly tasty reward. Don’t you agree?

Let’s look at a different, yet parallel scenario. I overheard a conversation with a man whose doctor had discovered a spot on his lung. Fortunately, it wasn’t cancer; but it certainly caused a scare.

This man was not a regular, habitual smoker; but he did enjoy a cigar every now and again. His doctor cautioned him against continuing the cigar habit because the next time, the concern may not be “just a spot.”

The man continues to smoke his cigars. First, he’s convincing himself that one “every now and then” isn’t going to hurt anything. And second, he tells himself (and everyone around him) that he deserves it. After a long, stressful day, he deserves to sit down and relax with a single cigar.

The cigar could cause him to have LUNG CANCER! But he DESERVES his treat, his moment of relaxation.

It sounds silly when you are talking about cancer and cigars, but isn’t it the same thing when talking about overeating and heart disease, diabetes, and all the other problems brought on by obesity.

The choice is clear. I’m going to die someday, but it’s not going to be because I chose food over my health.


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  1. So true, Kathy. I think you could also entitle your blog "Keepin' it real." Love reading your musings and love your approach to a newer, healthier, stunningly beautiful you!Donna Root

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