This was a good week. I tracked everything I ate. I went to the gym six days. I logged 13+ miles. So what was the result on the scale? I gained .8 pounds. Yep.

Well, there are all kinds of things they tell you in WW to help keep going when it seems like the scale has betrayed you.

  • What good you do this week, you may not see on the scale until next week.
  • It could be right before that magical time of the month.
  • You could just be retaining fluid from recently having too much salt.

There are all kinds of theories, suggestions, other ways to encourage you when the scale doesn’t go in the right direction. But many, many times, if I will just be honest with myself, I know exactly what happened.

I knew this week would be tough as I worked hard to get really engaged in the new Points Plus program. I tracked everything I ate – which is HUGE. I stopped assuming that I could keep up with it in my head. I even stayed within my points, but I still gained.

Frustrated for a minute because I gained, I reminded myself to be honest – at least with myself.  I know what happened. I treated myself to some chocolate chip cookie dough – several nights this last week. YUM. AND I counted the cost (Points Plus).  But seriously?!!

The WW system is about balance. I can’t use half of my point allotment with junk and expect to have the desired results. I tried it; it doesn’t work. You can’t follow the law (points) without taking into account the spirit (healthy choice guidelines).

Well, what’s done is done. I’m not going to beat myself up. I made significant progress this week. I made positive changes. It will pay off.


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