I’m sitting here, wishing anything that I could get back to some of my routine.  I would like to be back at work, but “they” know better.  “They” have strongly suggested (read – INSISTED) that I stay home another couple of days.  OK, so I’m one of those crazy insane people who pushes themselves.  Good grief.  But let’s not go there. 

Since I can’t do too much yet – physically – I’m catching up on Biggest Loser episodes.  I am crying my eyes out watching these people find themselves; find the person inside who has been hiding behind the fat for so many, many years.  Good GRIEF!  You would think that I know these people.  But I do; they are me.

There are three ladies on the ranch who have lost over 100 pounds.  I’m close, but not yet there.  The cancer derailed my plan – well, really just a detour.  But, my friends; God has a greater plan.  God knew that a malignant melanoma was growing under my arm.  He knew that I would not have found the tumor 18 months ago.  So, in addition to finding this confident woman deep inside, in addition to growing stronger physically AND spiritually, I have gotten rid of 90 pounds of fat – fat that would have hidden a nasty, life threatening tumor.  Because the fat is gone, I found the tumor.  And within a month of discovery, the mass has been removed and I am healing quite nicely.

In addition to being smaller, I am much, MUCH healthier than I was “before”.  Six weeks ago, I ran a 5K.  I am running/walking 2.5-3.0 miles daily (well, I WAS before all this started.)  Healthy me is much more equipped to fight back.

I’ve never had major surgery before, so I don’t really know what to expect as far as recovery.  But I think I have done amazingly well.  I haven’t had pain medication since Saturday evening.  I can (albeit briefly) raise my arm above my shoulder.  I’m sleeping through the night.  I feel like I’m ready to conquer the world. 

Well, ok, I do get tired about noon.  My arm is still pretty numb from the elbow up.  I still have stitches in my armpit.  But, hey, I DID have surgery seven days ago. 

Who knew what God would have planned when I started my “reinventing” journey.  Who knew the many, many levels He would lead me in my reinvention.  No one else but God could have prepared me for this time.

No one else.  Not even me.  Especially me. 

God is so very, very good.  All the time.


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  1. Kathy, my special friend, You are such a blessing to us all. We love just the way you are and that means any size or shape! Yes, this is just a detour on your journey, but when you get through it I know you will agree it will all have been worth it.Yes, God's plans are so perfect! Not doubt you might not have found the tumor soon enough if you hadn't begun your weight loss journey.I'm so glad you have let me go along with you!

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