My very dear friends and family,

First, let me thank you for your continued love, prayers, email, cards, and encouragement. God continues to bless me beyond anything I could have imagined through each of you.

Friday, May 13, I had surgery to remove the mass under my armpit. During surgery, there were 17 lymph nodes removed. Sixteen of the nodes were cancer free. The melanoma was limited to the one node, and it was completely encased. Dr. Elia said that these results mean that they have GOTTEN THE CANCER. Because of age (yes, my youth) we will pursue preventive treatments very aggressively.

So, today, I went to meet with the oncologist to discuss the next steps in treatment. I anticipated scheduling what I thought would be five weeks of radiation followed by four weeks of interferons. Instead, Dr. Elia and I have decided to take step back. There is an oncologist that specializes in melanoma (apparently vary rare) at KU Medical. I am going to see Dr. Doolittle (yes, that’s right) and get his recommendation regarding treatment. There is a slight possibility that I could skip the radiation and just take interferons.  I will gladly submit to whatever is determined to be the best direction.

This last week was very difficult. The days prior to surgery moved very quickly.  I was filled with confidence and peace.  Following surgery, I had to wait. Wait and rest. Wait for healing, wait for consultations, and wait for the next steps. My preference is to move forward and get this whole ordeal behind me. Yes, I can be a control freak.

Again, I want to say thanks. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people. I love you all and thank God for you.

You keep praying, and I’ll keep taking care of myself and getting healthy.

With much gratitude and love.


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  1. Kathy,I thank you for being such a wonderful example of grace and faith under fire! You are an inspiration. God is good, and I am very thankful for you!Janet

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