Moving Ever Closer

By the time I get this posted, I will be three-quarters of the way done. And, on top of that, today is Freedom-from-Needle Day – a day of true celebration.

But let’s talk about some real reasons for celebration – answers to prayer. Now I know that God always answers prayer, and sometimes, He just says no. But this week, He made my walk just a little bit easier. I have slept soundly, and for seven hours, three nights this week. And, I’m expecting another peaceful, restful night tonight.

Seriously, this week I have felt very sore – like I have been smacked across the back with a baseball bat. But achy muscles can be relieved. First, a sore back is a PERFECT reason to go have a pedicure. If you go to a good salon, they have amazing (AMAZING!) chairs that knead your back from your neck all the way down to your bum. And then, there’s the long, quiet soaking one gets from a very hot bath. And Dr. Kathy prescribes the hot bath nightly. Ahhhh…..

So, maybe I’ve been a little (ok, a lot) sore, but it has provided some wonderful opportunity to pamper myself.

I’ve even come up with something that is helping the nausea, and it’s not with anti-nausea medication. I have starting eating a bagel every night – oftentimes for dinner. I’m not sure what’s up with the bagel, but I’m choosing to believe that it’s the density of the bread that is soaking up something evil that is deposited in my stomach during my treatment. Whatever it is, it works.

Before I come to a close, I want to pause and thank Holy God, my heavenly Father, my King, my Provider, my Protector, for helping me through this week and every week. I want to be very clear that I know where my relief comes from. He has provided the comfort. He has provided the peace. He restores my joy.

Oh yeah, I came up with another name for today – Needle Emancipation Day! Celebrate with me.


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