It’s time to start the final countdown, my last five treatments. Well, actually, my last five infusions. After that, I start the dreaded shots. I say dreaded because the man sitting next to me today is also taking interferons. He said the shots were far worse than the infusions. Now, if I were a worrier, that little statement just might be depressing. However….

I’ve got all kinds of reasons to be joyful, most of which have absolutely nothing to do with this cancer. But I did get some good news today about my second round of treatment. The insurance company has approved my taking the shots at home. I’ll be able to take the shot right before bed, pop a Benadryl, and sleep it off. At least, that’s my PLAN. Yes, I am a control freak that thinks she is control. Rest easy, my friends, I know who’s got this.

And that’s not all…

The shots are only going to cost me $30 a month. Isn’t that amazing? It certainly beats a $25 co-pay every time I walk into the office. I think I can definitely fit that into the budget.

So, infusions every day this week, and a doctor appointment on Thursday. The shots are already being ordered so I will start round two very soon.

Thank you for the continued prayers


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