The Fog and the Blessing

So, yesterday was an insane day. I expect Mondays to be pretty decent. After all, it’s been three days since my last shot. The effects from the previous shot should have had opportunity to settle down. But, I made a big mistake. I wrote in my last post that Sundays are usually simple, easy days of rest and that Mondays return to normal. If I believed in jinxing myself, I would be convinced that I did just that.

But whatever happened internally yesterday was rough. Physically, I felt like I had been beat up. That alone, I could have handled. But mentally, I could not focus. I would be having a conversation with someone and, mid stream, forget what I was even talking about. Fortunately, I work with patient people.

Here’s an example: my boss came in my office to talk to me about some stuff that needed to happen as we prep for our next market launch. He’s talking, and I’m digging in my briefcase for something (though I have no idea what). I’m usually a good at multi-tasking, but I didn’t hear a single word he said to me.

“Kathy. KATHY. Are you listening?”

I stopped what I was doing and said no. I thought I was, but my mind would not let me do more than one thing at a time. Fortunately, I work with patient people – who get it that, sometimes, there will be tough days for me.

Then, on top of all that, I had to take another shot last night. Yay me.

But I was given a small gift – something for which I could be grateful. And I’ll take blessings in whatever form they come.

I woke up about 4:30 am with a tremendous headache – definitely an effect from the shot – and this was NOT the blessing. I went downstairs to take something to ease the pain. Now to make this story meaningful, you need to know that normally I cannot even take a Benadryl on an empty stomach. I get sick. And what did I do, but take two Tylenol on an empty stomach. It was 4:30 in the morning; I didn’t want to eat anything at that hour. But guess what?

God guarded my stomach. I didn’t get sick, not even nauseous. And when I woke again at 7 am, I had no headache. Feeling a little stiff, but it’s bearable. And it’s MUCH better than a headache and an upset stomach.


Comments on: "The Fog and the Blessing" (2)

  1. Todd Malone said:

    Kathy, I’m sorry to hear about your complications related to the shot you rec’d. Good news, though, that the tylenol did not have negative impact.

    On a more lighthearted note, the fact you were unable to multi-task gives you an idea of what it’s like to be male. I promise we fellas do care. We’re not ignoring you. We’re simply trying to do more than we’re physically capable of.

    Glad to hear the Tylenol worked.

  2. Girl! See the blessings that God gives you … even the tiny ones (like taking tylenol and not getting sick!) I love you friend. I am soooo proud of the woman you are.

    Funny story … we talked about the movie Finding Nemo… I tried to get them to say, “a sea anenome” (sp?) Yes … that alone can brighten a day!

    I love you! Keep pluggin. We are praying for you daily!!!

    Thanks for being my friend!

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