Starting a New Week

Despite last week’s difficult time, I am hopeful that as we start this new week things will be easier moving forward. The side effects from the shots didn’t ease at all, until yesterday afternoon. I was very stiff and achy, like I had the flu and was running a fever. I took a half day off of work to sleep. I spent most of Friday and Saturday sitting with a heating pad on my lower back. Thankfully, Sunday brought with it relief. Sadly, though, I wasn’t able to make it to church.

Honestly, I took it pretty easy this entire weekend – watching television, long hot baths, peaceful naps, and embracing the invaluable heating pad.

Today, I start the shots again. Yay me. Can’t you just hear the enthusiasm?

I am very prayerful that this week will be much easier than last. I almost said it couldn’t get worse, but I imagine it could. So I am prayerful that they just won’t get any worse. Praise God that I haven’t been nauseous, not yet anyway. I hate being sick to my stomach.

Saturday, I got a beautiful gift from God. I think fall is just about here. God’s promise of new things on the horizon is always so very exciting. The milder temperatures are so refreshing and so very encouraging.

With the beautiful day and the side effects gone (albeit temporarily) I decided to help Andy with a little yard work. Thirty minutes, and I was BEAT. Of course, I overdid it; but it felt good to get something accomplished. And I know he was grateful for my help.  I was grateful that Hannah went out to help when I couldn’t do anymore.

So, another nap, two more shots, and a large diet Coke, and I am ready to settle down for a restful evening. Please pray that this week will go much easier than last. There’s a lot going on at work and at home that is going to require my focus and determination. I’m just glad it’s a short week.


Comments on: "Starting a New Week" (2)

  1. Judy Deeter said:

    So glad to hear that you were able to get outside for a little while. Milder temperatures will help all of us. Again you are a brave woman.


  2. Kelly Baker said:

    Blessings your way…hope this next week will be lots better!!!!

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