Where was I on 9/11?

Hannah was in kindergarten, and Nathan was home with me (he was 2). He was watching Blue’s Clues, when I got a call from Melissa Johnson telling me a plane had just flown into the World Trade Center. The concern in her voice told me this was more than just a little single-engine plane that had flown off course.

After getting Nathan distracted away from the tv, I turned over to the news just after the second plane had flown into the second building. I called my mom; she reminded me not to worry – trust that God is still in control.

I was on the phone with Becki Hendrix when the first building collapsed. It looked like one of those videos of a building being imploded; unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was sheer horror.

We all signed off the phones and headed to church. On Tuesdays, we had Ladies Bible Class. Since the staff was at the church, and the building was open, we decided to go ahead and have class. What a better place to be than joined together with sisters in Christ.

I remember precious Sheryl Friend, hugging each of us young moms as we came into the building. We left our precious children with Debbie Hutchins who watched them while we spent time in prayer and sharing.

That next hour, we pondered what might happen. Then we reminded each other of who was actually in control. We talked about God’s promises, His provisions, and His faithfulness. We talked about how far our nation had strayed away from God, and pondered if this was the beginning of judgment on our land.

My precious sisters, I am so incredibly grateful that I had you to spend time with that morning. I am so grateful that we share a faith in the Most High God that allowed us to absorb what was happening, with peace instead of panic. I want you to know that when I think back to 9/11, my first thoughts go to the time that we spent together. I am comforted by our foundation, before I let my mind stray to the horror and terror that was that day.

Just remember that no matter what horrors man can dream up, God is still stronger and bigger. Nothing surprises Him. He wasn’t surprised then. He won’t be surprised tomorrow or the next day.


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