Depression and Anxiety

I think the one side effect of my interferons that my doctor is most worried about is depression and anxiety. Back in October, the doctor put me on a small dose of meds that made the world of difference. However, she did caution that my body would level out and that I would probably need an increased dose.

About four weeks ago, I could feel myself slipping, but I didn’t immediately make an appointment. I continued to slide, and I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment. (Yes, Tammy Smith, you can fuss at me. I deserve it.)

Monday can’t get here soon enough.  3:15, Monday, January 30.

This past Monday I called the doctor and asked for an increase in my dosage. NOPE – not until they see me. So, this entire week, I have gotten more and more frustrated, anxious, angry, and discouraged. I will help you realize just how much in a future post.

Pray for my kids. They have to do without 100 percent of their mom. But they are precious and strong kids. Pray for God’s grace to protect them so they are full of confidence.

And please pray that I don’t kill anyone between now and the end of June.


Comments on: "Depression and Anxiety" (4)

  1. Gina Butterfield said:

    I love you, Kathy!!! I am confident God will protect you and them!

  2. Tammy Smith said:

    I won’t fuss! I’m just as hard-headed! This is not the first hard time for your kids… they are strong and have a great foundation. It’s amazing how the hardest days in our lives make us stronger. This is another block on the cornerstone of your faith. Hindsight is 20/20, none of us are perfect on the best days. But one day you will look back, and realize the positives that come from this. I pray that God continues to reveal those positives to you on a daily basis. Even the mighty can fall, but your strength is in your ability to reach out to those who love you and admit you don’t feel so strong! You are one of the strongest women I know, and this just reaffirms that belief to me.
    I love you, Tammy

    PS- Go online and follow the 21 day fast and prayer that Antioch is doing. It has been amazing for me the last 2 weeks, and the verses have been exactly what I’ve needed on that day. God is good all the time, even in the hard times! That’s why this isn’t called heaven. Love you!

  3. Amy Nelson said:

    Kathy, We’re praying for you. I know that God has plans for you. Remember that hope and a future. You are doing great. Love, Amy

  4. Judy Deeter said:

    I am praying for you–night and day. You can forgive yourself for what you are feeling now. You do not have to be perfect. Your body and mind is taking a beating. Get all the help you can.

    Love you,


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