A Letter of Thanks

I realized something this morning. I have made 99 posts to date. So, today is my 100th post. Maybe we should have a party, a celebration, something. My blog; my choice. I’m going to take my 100th post to say thank you to some very amazing people in my life.

I want you to know that without your prayers, encouragement, hugs, notes, meals, etc., I would not have made it to this point – nor would I make it to the end of this.

Mother and Daddy, for your love and your never-ending display of grace. You have spent my entire life showing me unconditional love, forgiveness, and commitment to God. I cannot imagine how tough it has been to watch this journey unfold 500 miles away. Just know that I know you’re only a phone call away. And, Mom, thank you for all the cards. Whether I need a laugh or a prayer, it’s always in the mail. I love you both.

Joyce – Thank you for anticipating my need to have someone with me at every single doctor’s appointment. I would have never asked. But you knew how scary this journey can be. Thank you for teaching me, encouraging me, translating for me, loving me.

Carolyn – Thank you for being my voice, for communicating my needs to so many, and for making sure that my family was fed. Thank you for the Route 44’s and all the lunch meetings at Sonic. Thank you for loving me as if I were your very own.

Debbie E – Thank you for all of your hugs and encouragement, especially when I didn’t have the energy to express any words. It’s like you have a sixth sense about how I am doing. You always seem to know.

Tonalea – Every day, I can expect a voice mail or a text – “Good morning beautiful! I hope you have an amazing day!” Thank you for the constant reminder that someone loves me and cares. Also, thank you for assuring me that no matter what I was feeling (no matter how ugly), that it was okay.

Doug & Erin – Thank you for providing a work environment that has allowed me to give what I could give, when I could give it. Thank you for caring for me as a friend instead of an employee. I realize what a blessing you two have been in my life, and I thank God for you.

Laura – You are always available, no matter if it is once a day or once a month. Thank you for listening, and for not feeling you have to offer a solution. Thank you for accepting what I can give, even when it is nothing. We have been through a lot. I am blessed to know that you will always be there.

Tammy, Vicki, Tommy, Ernie, and Bud – Thank you for the unfailing way that you demonstrate your love for Jesus in my life and the life of my family. You are our family – one of the greatest blessings of our moving to Missouri.

Matthew B – While you may not understand the value of your gift, I want you to tuck this away in your heart. God used your journey, your battle with cancer, to give my children peace. When I found out it was cancer, Hannah’s first response was “Matthew had it, and he’s okay.” I know your journey was tough, but God used it.

Gina – We have been through so much that involves cancer. Thank you for your prayers, your love, your heart. Thank you for my blessings blanket. It was exactly what I needed at the exact moment. God knew. Thank you for following His prompting.

Suzy – Thank you for never growing weary of my telling you (every single day) how horrible I felt. It seemed like I gave you the same answer every day for a long while, but you never stopped asking how I was doing, how the shots were going.

Cara – Thank you for being a constant source of encouragement. Through this journey, our friendship has grown deeper, more honest, and more transparent. Thank you for accepting no excuse when it came to my writing, for pushing me to dig a little deeper. And thank you for the precious pictures of the twins when I just simply needed something to make me smile.

Judy – While I won’t mention specifics, you know what you have done to help us. There aren’t words to convey my gratitude. I also want to thank you for all the cards, notes, and prayers. I am blessed to be part of your family.

And while I can’t even begin to thank everyone by name, I do want to thank all of the gracious friends and family for the meals, the restaurant gift cards, the cards, the notes, the prayers, the unending displays of love – for me, my family, and our Heavenly Father. Even though there isn’t enough time or paper to list everyone by name who has blessed me, please know that I thank God for you.

Thank you to my church family in Nashville. I love you more than words can ever express. I find great comfort in knowing you carry me in prayer, through my strength and in my weakness. Our fellowship and friendship has given me a taste of heaven. We have a lot to look forward to.

Thank you to my church family here in Blue Springs. One of my greatest fears, starting this journey, was that my family was not close by. You have definitely stepped up. I love you all. I never imagined that I would find another family that demonstrated God’s spirit and love like I did at home. While Missouri may never be “home”, it has definitely become my home away from home.

And, lastly, thank you Heavenly Father. Everywhere I look, I see reminders of your love. I am blessed with your provisions. Thank you for affirming, before this journey even started, that you would never leave me, for promising me that all I needed to do was believe. Thank you for preparing me for this journey. Thank you for the lessons you have yet to teach me. And thank you for your gift of Immanuel.


Comments on: "A Letter of Thanks" (2)

  1. Kelly Baker said:

    That was just lovely..you have the gift of putting your thoughts on paper (computer, I guess)..we will continue to pray for you..it is an honor…

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