My dear friends, I want to thank you for your outpouring of love and encouragement over the last week. I am so blessed, and humbled. Thank you for not judging me and simply allowing me to be honest.

The new meds are leveling out a bit. The nausea seems to have subsided and been replaced by that achy flu feeling – but that, I can work through. It’s hard to do anything when you actually feel sick. No matter, I keep pushing through.

As far as they swelling up of tears (or maybe the suppression of tears), I have found relief. Nathan played two very hard-fought basketball games this weekend. The cheering (and yes, screaming) during the games seemed to do the trick. Well, that plus a heart-wrenching episode of The Biggest Loser. Yes, it was THAT bad; the tears were that close to the surface.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of friends that offered support if this happens again. So many, many people have offered to be on the other end of a phone call at any time. And I even had a few friends who said they would meet me at any hour, just for the support that physical presence and a hug provides.

Yesterday, I was able to go to church AND life group. I haven’t had the strength to do both for several weeks. It was definitely a blessing to be with friends. I absolutely love celebrating the love of Christ with my spiritual family.

Lastly, please continue to pray for the family of Bruce Campbell and the New Hope congregation. Bruce came home from the hospital on Friday and is now under hospice care. God, please fill them with peace that can only come from you.


Comments on: "A much-needed emotional release" (2)

  1. Lisa Finley said:

    Kathy, you are in my thoughts and prayers–wish I could be there to give you one of those big hugs! Know that you are brought before the throne regularly!

  2. Here is a quote from a Sunday School Lesson sometime back. It has helped me and I want to share it with you.
    “I often find it helpful to imagine that I am holding Christ’s hand. Sometimes my grip on his hand is firm aqnd confident, but at other times it is his hand that holds mine–when I fell unsure, “down,” or troubled by difficulty. The poiint is, whether through my own often feeble efforts or through the power of Christ, the grip is never relaxed. Christ will never let go of us once we have placed our hands in his. Think of this the next time you approach the things that bother you. Christ is on your side.” I feel that you have always known that Christ is always holding your hand. You are blessed by strong faith.


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