I will overcome

PET scan was yesterday. I was/am nervous, but I really shouldn’t be. It’s the limbo and not knowing that will drive you crazy if you let it.

Kelly, PET stands for positron emission tomography (PET) compared to the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Aren’t you impressed that I knew that? You shouldn’t be; I looked it up on the web. The scan was mostly uneventful, except anyone who know me will appreciate this little piece…

I knew they would be injecting me with radioactive stuff and then giving me an hour for it to circulate throughout my body. So, being the person that I am, I brought a book to read.

Nope. Not gonna happen. They wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING for that hour. They covered me with a warm blank, turned out the light, and closed the door.  Before the cancer, that would be a tremendous blessing. But remember, I have been napping at every opportunity for the last 12+ months. I was looking forward to some quiet time that I could use wisely. I know, I know… quit whining and appreciate what I had before me.

It’s no biggy. Just another example of how I am returning to my former self.

I do hope there are some things that I can continue to maintain. The first is my appreciation of God’s presence in my daily walk. Music has definitely been one of the ways God reaches me and encourages me.  When we sing, it is like my heart is going to jump out of my chest. As I grow older, I find myself paying more and more attention to the words, singing the WORDS, worshiping my Father. The music now comes from the deepest parts of my heart and soul.

There is a song that, over the past year, we have been singing often at church. Then, the artist finally released the song, and I have admitted to getting tired of hearing it.

However, this morning (the day after the scan), while driving to work, I heard the song again. My heart exploded as I if I were hearing this song for the very first time. Song is “Overcome” by Jeremy Camp. I’ve included a youtube link, should you want to hear it: Overcome

Seated above, enthroned in the Father’s love
Destined to die, poured out for all mankind

God’s only Son, perfect and spotless one
He never sinned but suffered as if He did

Power in hand speaking the Father’s plan
You’re sending us out, light in this broken land.

All authority, every victory is yours
Savior, worthy of honor and glory
Worthy of all our praise
You overcame
Jesus, awesome in power forever
Awesome and great is your name, you overcame.

We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb
and the word of our testimony, everyone overcome.

This song opens my heart like the old hymn, “it is well with my soul.”  With God, I can overcome anything.

Gotta get back to the daily grind. Enjoy your weekend.

Oh yeah, the results of the scan? Won’t know anything until next week. Will definitely keep you posted.


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