Withdrawal Isn’t Easy

It’s on to the next leg of this journey – being weaned off all of the medication. Two of the meds I am coming off of are considered highly addictive, one because it calms you and people tend to abuse it – who wouldn’t want to be calm. The other is just flat out hard to come off of. My body feels every single change in dosage.

I started the first change last Friday. The immediate impact is that if I have a sudden spike in stress, it will take me hours to return to normal. (Sunday afternoon, something happened, and it was 8 that night before I started calming down.) However, I am becoming very skilled at deep cleansing breaths.

So, here’s what I feel like most of the day: I cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. Being the reigning Queen of Multi-tasking, this situation is very, very frustrating to me. I have a very low tolerance for stress – and stress is a constant in my day-to-day life. In addition to the stress, I seem to have no filter that keeps me from saying something incredibly sarcastic or downright mean. For the most part, I am not myself.

I want this to be over soon. Actually, I want a lot of things; but I am learning to wait upon the Lord.

Please be assured that I am not doing this without a doctor. Actually I have two doctors watching and tracking my reaction to lower doses of both meds. I’m trying not to push it, but I want this junk out of my system.

Coveting your prayers,



Comments on: "Withdrawal Isn’t Easy" (2)

  1. Jennifer Spears said:

    Sweet sister…thank you for your continued honesty and transparency. It makes me love you even more! Please know I continue to pray for you & your dear family! Psalm 20:1-5!! Love and hugs!

  2. Kathy,
    You’ve come so far and endured so much. I know this last part is going to be hard, but keep your eye on the finish line. Know that you will be yourself again, soon! God is close and he will not let you fall.

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