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Birthday Candles

A dear sweet friend sent me a birthday card earlier this week and asked that I consider doing what the card suggested – to think of each birthday candle as a symbol of something good that God has created in me. I am sharing, not to brag, but to share my sense of gratitude. The last year has been tough, so I am choosing to look back and see the blessings. Thank you, Dennie, for the suggestion. The list wasn’t easy to compile. I must admit, it’s much easier to list my shortcomings.  But with each candle I added, I smiled. God loves me so very much.

My hope is that you may you be encouraged to stop and see the things that God has created in you.

Countless affirmations of His faithfulness
A heart in which He can dwell
A childlike faith
A tested faith
Honor for my precious parents
An ability to make others around me smile
Ability to hear Him speak
Music that comes from my soul
Two children with loving hearts
Places where I can find Perfect Peace
A genuine smile
I can be silly and laugh at myself
Freedom to worship with abandon
A Love of HUGS
Eyes that see Him in nature
Appreciation for my friends
Wonderful, honest, prayerful, strong friends
Commitment to my marriage
Transparency – what you see is what you get
I can now ask when I need something
The realization that I don’t have to appear perfect
A love of reading
A desire to continue growing
Love of running.  Remember April 2011? I ran my first 5k; can’t wait to do it again.
A story to tell
Knowing I don’t have to walk alone
A strong work ethic
A glimpse of what He is doing around me
Ability to be energized in my own alone time
A way to trust Him when I am in an airplane.
Discontentment for this world, and a desire for Heaven.
Determination (or stubbornness, depending on your viewpoint)
A love of simple things, like Dr. Seuss, the Muppets, and Mater.
Hearing his voice in the thunder.
I can talk to anyone. 
A heritage rooted in faith and reverence for God
A home away from home
Confidence that God loves me!
Patience at home
The ability to hold tightly to God’s promises

How old am I this year? That’s right, I didn’t number the candles. Go ahead, count if you want. But let’s make it easy…next year, my beautiful firstborn will be a senior in high school, my precious baby will start high school, and I will be 50 – all within two weeks. WOW, they weren’t kidding when they said I would blink and the kids would be all grown up.

Thank you, Father, for another year. And thank you for all the beautiful people I get to share it with.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my Birthday Sister, Gina Butterfield. My precious sister, God has blessed me beyond anything I could imagine through our walk together. I love you.


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