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I’m doing what??!!

I am insane.  I’m so scared.  What was I thinking???  I can’t do this!

That’s what I was thinking that first day to crossfit.  But, there was something way deep inside me that was excited.  Crazy excited, if I was really honest.  Could I really develop into a person who was strong, active, and fit?

Once I shared my fears with my co-workers, I found out I wasn’t alone.  Everyone was nervous at some level – well, except those crazy people who were already bought in (Buzz, Erin, Blake, Kyle, Doug – I’m sure there were others).  But, I’m not them.  But could I be?

Several weeks later, and we are still going strong (ok, strong may be a bit “strong”, but I’m moving).  The coaches there are incredible.  Even though I can’t yet see myself as being truly successful, my coach does.  He believe in me.  He is so proud of me that I’m JUST SHOWING UP!  Oh yeah, when I “show up”, he pushes me.  He pushes me HARD.  But he never yells at me in anger or frustration.  His “yells” are works like – Come on, you can do this!  Don’t you give up!  You’ve got this! Only 5 more minutes!

Yeah, if I were honest, I would like to tell him to shut up.  I cannot do this!  And then he yells again – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!  Seriously?  Someone thinks that out of shape, overweight me is AWESOME?

Crossfit is a world of limitless opportunities.   And I’m the one determining my own direction.  My coaches, both at crossfit and Xceligent, will help me forge a path to get there, but I determine where I want to go.

Where am I going?  Those thoughts of fear and insecurity are going to be gone by the end of this year.  I am going to be strong and determined.  I am going to be the one encouraging the next newbie that they, too, can do anything.


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