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Being Still

He’s been calling me, for weeks.  Honestly, it may have warped into months.  That quiet patient voice that says, “Spend time with me”.  I want to.  I want to give it my all.  I want to rest peacefully in the Spirit that guides my soul, my very being.

Yet the noise that competes for my time wins, day after day.  I am so tired.  Work, family, crossfit, choir, life group, groceries, tasks, bills, errands, children, school, friends, etc.  They are all good things, but not THE thing.  They are not the one that will bring me strength, focus, and rest.

He has been so active all around me.  So many exciting things are evident.  He is doing so much more than I could ever imagine to ask – just like He promised.  Yet, I am so tired.

Today, I stopped at lunch. I turned off my laptop and opened a book. I’ve got two devotional books sitting on my desk.  I open the first; it’s a quick read.

Wait quietly in My presence, while my thoughts form silently in the depths of your being…  Tune your heart to receive these messages of abundant blessings.”  Sarah Young, Jesus Calling.

Totally transparent?  I gave it about the 30 seconds that it required of me to read it.  Then I moved on to the second book, thinking I might slow down for at least 2 more minutes to take it in. I could quickly grab a mental bite.

Ann Voscamp wrote about waiting in the swamp with her youngest daughter, in the dead of night, to hear the frogs singing.  “We wait.  Then one by one, they pop to the light.  We catch our breath.  Dare not move.  Tentatively it comes…  I could sit here forever, listening.”  A beautiful chorus of frogs singing in the shadows.  A precious memory she created with her precious child. She closes with a whisper to her daughter – “You can only hear your life sing – when you’re still.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Completely stunned.  The same message in two different books. Coincidence?  How about an extremely clear message.  A message of priority.

Just like I would sit out in the dark of night and wait patiently for the lightening and the thunder, I must sit in quiet expectation in His word.  His spirit will speak to me, will strengthen me, will fill me – if only I will stop and listen.


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