About Being Reinvented

My journey continues, but now in yet a different direction.  I started out trying to get healthy through a year of Weight Watchers.  I was fairly successful, losing almost 90 pounds.  Then, came the cancer.

For the next year, God walked me through a physical valley that, quite honestly, felt like a spiritual mountaintop. Because I had nothing in me to carry my load, I was forced to rely on God.  And, as He promises, He did not (and does not) disappoint.

The couple of years after the cancer, with some strength back, I started doing things on my own.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t super successful.  Without God’s direction, I go nowhere.  At least nowhere permanent, nowhere that really matters.

Earlier this year (2015), something clicked.  I’m back in my Bible. I’m talking to God.  I’m going to the gym.  I’m trying to eat better.  With God’s grace, I am going to return to a place of physical, mental, and spiritual health.  He is going to open doors, and I am going to walk through them.

Fell free to join me if you would like.  I’m writing to encourage other people as well as.  I’m writing to find my own place of honesty and strength.  At 51, it’s time that I actually started believing that I am as strong as people think I am.

Keeping the faith,



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